Party Pies II


Axa Jay has persuaded Jess West  to go back to the Cake & Pie Shop – motto ‘Done to a T’ – to demand her money back…

Jess is very reluctant and soon an argument breaks out with the proprietor, Miss T, as to whether Jess did actually pay in the first place.  Unfortunately for Jess, Miss T has just prepared some fresh pies and its not long before Jess finds one in her face much to Axa’s horror and amusement.

Jess blames Axa for bringing her back to this ‘horrible shop with this horrible woman’ whilst Axa is annoyed that her dress is now covered in pie filling.  Jess promptly rips Axa’s dress and the two start trading pies and insults before Miss T weighs in with a comment about ‘cheap girls in cheap dresses’ and then pies Axa.

Both girls then turn on each other before deciding to patch things up and leave Miss T with all the mess and some choice words ringing in her ears.

Featuring: Jess West, Axa Jay & Miss T

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