Party Pies


Its party time and Jess West  has hired the Cake & Pie Shop – motto ‘Done to a T’ – to provide the catering for her latest soiree…

The proprietor, Miss T, is just adding the finishing touches to the sumptuous spread when Jess comes in to inspect the fare but is not impressed by what she feels are shoddy pies which “are the wrong colour and taste funny”.  Miss T is outraged by this and her mood is not helped when Jess announces its not what she asked for and consequently will not be paying Miss T for her services.

Miss T responds by saying that Jess either pays for the work that has been done or she will be wearing the pies to her own party.   Jess refuses to buckle under this threat or the weight of pies that soon end up being planted firmly in her face.

So will Miss T get the money she is owed or will Jess decide a face full of pie is a small price to pay!

Featuring: Jess West & Miss T

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