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Santa Fi
Honey, Stocks & Beans -New
16:35 mins
08:57 mins
Fi Stevens
Honey B

Welcome to Santa Fi's very special grotto where all your xmas WAM wishes come true! Filmed POV you get to sit with Santa Fi and hand over your christmas wish list which involves covering Fi in all sorts of sweet and sticky goodies from chocolate and vanilla custard to cream, sticky chocolate and raspberry sauce plus watching Fi sitting on squidgy cakes and filling her cute red panties with the contents before finally smooshing strawberry cream and chocolate cakes into Fi's face!

Miss T wants some fun (and lets face it so do we!) and Honey is always happy to help out when it comes to making a mess and the idea of being helpless in stocks whilst being sploshed with a cold/hot sweet and savoury combo has a perverse appeal. Its only when the sploshing begins that Honey realises she cannot wipe her eyes or face as the mess just keeps on coming!


Really Nasty Gameshow!
Humiliation of Jessica F
Gungewell Babestars
36:50 mins
10:02 mins
24:14 mins
sammie b & ashlea
jessica messy
kiera and elle
Ashlea & Sammie B
Jessica F
Kiera And Elle

Episode 3 of our epic contest of wit and cunning plus lots of mess and the chance to strip to save yourself! Yes its the The Really Nasty GameShow with everyones favourite Sammie B and sweet newcomer Ashlea as our two lovely contestents in this head to head battle! Rules are simple. Get the question right and you have the chance to splosh your opponent with anything from gunge to rice pudding with freezing cold yoghurt, beans, spaghetti and the odd pie or two along the way!

Sometimes less is more and simple is best. Take one girl eager to experience sploshing. Order her to strip. Cover her in orange and green gunge, custard and cold baked beans. Give her something inadequate to clean herself up with. Once she is 'clean' order her to get dressed whilst still standing in the gunk and then leave. Yes Its a warm B2BM welcome to the world of wam for Jessica. We enjoyed it. Not sure Jessica did

Our two raunchy babestars Kiera and Elle, are sitting in the TV studio and waiting for your call. So who will be first to get through to them and what sexy antics will our two hot babes get up to? Well as this is the Gungewell Channel no prizes for guessing that it is going to involve lots of mess and the two girls are soon giggling as they get to play with the custard, yoghurt and other goodies whilst chatting to our lucky callers!


Lets Fill Them Up!
Art Class
The Reluctant Splosher
13:24 & 07:59 mins
anita de bauch
Sammie B & Kelly
Ariel Anderssen & Fi Stevens
Anita De Bauch

Its fun and frolics as we indulge in one of our favourite sploshing pastimes namely filling up girls panties and pantyhose! First up is Sammie B Gets Pantyhosed in which we take great delight in filling up Sammie B's fetching pantyhose with orange gunge, custard and squirty cream leaving Sammie to tear open her bulging tights to squeeze out the goo! Then we have Kelly in The Virgin Filler as we attempt to pull Kelly's knickers down with the weight of the porridge and spaghetti Miss T's dumps down her panties

Welcome to the GungeWell Art Academy with todays lesson a mix between highbrow commentry and sensuous sploshing. Our teacher is the tasty Fi Stevens and her life model the elegant Ariel Anderssen. Miss Stevens takes Ariel through poses representing the signs of the zodiac whilst 'painting' Ariel with sticky toffee syrup and thick black treacle. Then to 'cleanse' Ariel of the 'earthy' tones of the treacle Miss Stevens covers Ariel with bright yellow custard

Anita De Bauch has just done a scene for Gunge Girls and decides that sploshing is not for her and that she would rather do something else - actually pretty much anything else thank you very much! This attitude does not impress Miss T especially as she has gone to the trouble of making up some very colourful gunge. Anita insists she wants to go home. Miss T replies that Anita isn't going anywhere. Miss T, unsurprisingly, turns out to be right.


Tethered Tigerr
A Very Un-PC Sploshing
Messy Wrestling
12:02 mins
15:53 mins
10:56 mins
Honey B sploshed
messy wrestling
Tigerr Benson
Honey B
Kiera Jones v Monica Harris
Ah a bit of classic B2BM sport as we decide to play 'Tethered Tigerr'! First Tigerr is handcuffed and tethered by a collar chain to a guide chain and then made to walk up and down. Sounds simple enough but Tigerr has to be careful because if she gets stuck on the guide chain she gets pied - or slimed or hit with dollaps of mashed potato! And the more she gets hit the more she can't see and the more she gets stuck. Plus where she walks gets more treacherous underfoot and as Tigerr is tethered by a neck collar well it sort of completes a perfect circle of peril and pies!
WPC Honey B (in a genuine police uniform) is on the beat when she is assailed by a pie throwing hoodlum down Trash Can Alley. In her desire to catch the culprit WPC Honey is cornered and ends up getting even more trashed! Her helmet is filled with a mixture of gooey food items and then jammed onto her head, her blouse is ripped open and her skirt torn off as her assailants 'trash the copper' with slime, beans, ketchup, chocolate sauce, oats, trifle and anything they can get their hands on!

Two newcomers to our messy wrestling series with Kiera 'Crusher' Jones taking on the Geordie Grappler Monica 'Masher' Harris in 3 rounds of no holds barred messy wrestling were the only 'sweet' thing on view is the custard! So will the 'Crusher' crush the 'Masher' or will the lass from the North East prove too much for our Southern belle? Well the only way to find out is to settle down and watch our two gorgeous girls grapple it out in the goo!

Cereal Offenders!
Filling Up Tilly
Messy Wrestling
17:26 mins
16:00 mins
14:28 mins
Elle, Jenkins & Miss T
Tilly Hardy & Miss T
Lucy Zara v Sammie B
We visit the GungeWell Academy for Girls with Elle and Jenkins experiencing detention 'gungewell' style. The Headmistress Miss T is impatient with their bad attitude and flouting of the dress code so decides to try out our newly patented black oily slime on the two girls. The ringleader Jenkins is singled out first and just when Elle thinks she has got away with it she too is on the receiving end of the thick oily gunk. Miss T then demonstrates the importance of breakfast by showering both girls with cornflakes and then instructs the girls to put on their gunge ruined clothes and then sends them on their way!
Some girls just put a smile on your face and newcomer Tilly Hardy is one of those girls. Tilly hails from Scotland and in her first ever messy scene we thought we would do something we all enjoy and haven't done for a while. Yes you guessed it. Swimsuit filling! Tilly thought it was a fun idea and not only did she have a great time but was soon getting into the 'swim' of things as the custard and green gunge poured into the front and back of her pink bathing suit!
Its 'Death Match II - The Custard Wars' as our resident champ 'Battlin' Sammie B takes on Lucy "Lionheart' Zara in another no holds barred bikini/topless messy wrestling scrap with custard, squirty cream, cake mix, green gunge and cakes as the weapons of choice.Our two fiesty combatants pull off some great signature moves including raw eggs in the bikini bottoms, chocolate cake to the face and the wringing out hair move from Sammie B. So who comes out on top and who is the messy loser? Well theres only one way to find out!

Pied & Pilloried Pt 2
Pie Hur!
The Lady & The Tramp
14:05 mins
15:50 mins
25:24 mins
Sammie B
Elle & Jenkins
Fi Stevens & Ariel Anderssen
Part Two: Pilloried. We rejoin our secretary in distress, Sammie B, who having endured her pieing punishment finds that things take a turn for the worse as Miss T demonstrates a politically incorrect way to handle her wayward staff. First Miss T 'secures' Sammie's attention before sploshing the poor girl with various savoury goodies including raw eggs, cold beans, mushy peas, rice pudding and tomato ketchup. Sammie squeals, protests and pleads for mercy throughout her ordeal but as fans of Miss T know, pleas for mercy leave our stern Mess Mistress unmoved!
Its like Ben Hur but with pies...and no pretty much nothing like Ben Hur really. We do however have natural pretty girls with great boobs and our Piemeister, namely Vic,  who likes nothing better than to nail pretty girls with a well aimed pie especially if one of the girls like Jenkins is a pie virgin and a little nervous to begin with. Elle of course has been pied before and shows Jenkins how it is done and its not long before both girls are having a great time as the pies start flying with Jenkins especially finding the whole experience hysterically funny!
As we all know many unsavoury characters hang around Trash Can Alley so it is a surprise to see local celebrity and socialite Lady Ariel nervously picking her way through the trash. One of the Alley's hookers spots Lady Ariel and is quick to accost her and find out what she is doing in such an unlikely place. Lady Ariel it seems is after a major 'wam hit' and as luck would have it our hooker also pushes some wam on the side and introduces Ariel to custard smuggled from Amsterdam, Colombian rice pudding and the underground legend that is 'Bolivian Blue'

Elle- Spank or Slime?
Pied & Pilloried Pt 1
Really Nasty GameShow!
20:32 mins
10:36 mins
40:05 mins
Elle & Miss T
Sammie B
Fi Stevens & Ariel Anderssen
Miss T is in one of her 'playful' moods and Elle just wants to get sploshed with something 'nice' like custard which can only mean one thing. Yep poor Elle is in for a less than pleasant time! Miss T offers two choices. A spanking on Elle's delightfully pert rear or a sploshing with some 'tasty foodstuffs' such as freezing cold beans, spaghetti and mushy peas plus a frankly awful smelling mince concoction, tomato ketchup and some sweet and sour sauce. Elle is not keen on either option and is even less keen after a few strokes of the paddle followed by cold beans!
Part One: Pied. Our anxious secretary Sammie B is late for work and as punishment for her tardiness finds herself duct taped to her chair and then pied despite her squeals of protest. Blouse torn open, covered in creamy mess and exhausted by her attempts to 'wheel' herself out of the firing line Sammie is then covered in custard and then dragged into the shower and hosed down prior to Part Two of her punishment Pilloried.
An epic contest of wit and cunning plus lots of mess and the chance to strip to save yourself! Yes its the The Really Nasty GameShow! with the feisty Fi Stevens and the snooty Ariel Anderssen as our two lovely contestents in this head to head battle! Rules are simple. Get the question right and you have the chance to splosh your opponent with anything from gunge to a chicken soup and curry cocktail with freezing cold yoghurt, beans, spaghetti and the odd bottle or two of tomato ketchup along the way.

Girls Pieing Girls!
The Perils of Polly Peabody
A Halloween Tale
11:05 mins
11:10 mins
10:55 mins
Fi & Sarah
Scarlett & Miss T
Elle & Jenkins
An instructional video for wives and girlfriends as we take it upon ourselves to teach Fi and Sarah how to pie and be pied or maybe its just an excuse to watch two hot babes in bikinis having fun as they get to grips with the art of pieing and marvelling at the astonishing progress Sarah makes from her first pieing attempt to walloping Fi in the face with her second one. Yes its all here - the hits, the gaffes and the giggles!
Polly Peabody, the daughter of the Very Reverend Peabody, is keen to bring enlightenment and love to the residents of Trash Can Alley. Alas sweet Polly's good deed is not exactly welcomed by the rougher elements and she soon falls victim to a henious piece of sploshing involving beans, spaghetti, ketchup, mayonnaise, mushy peas, mashed potatoes and tomatoes leaving poor Polly in a sorry and bedraggled state.
Poor Jenkins wants to go to the Splosh Ball but alas has nothing to get messy with and what man will fancy her all nice and clean? But fear not as Fairy Gothmother Elle is on hand to make Jenkins dream come true as she turns the halloween pumpkin into pumpkin slime, pumpkin beans, pumpkin spaghetti and all manner of pumpkin goodies for Jenkins to get messy with. And once our Fairy Gothmother sees how much fun Jenkins is having she can't resist the temptation to get messy as well!

Slime & Two Dumplings
Late Night Game Show
Back Street Gunging
09:30 mins
14:30 mins
18:15 mins
Hannah Lewis
Sammie B & Elle Tyler
Hollie Miller
The second part of The Secret Diary of Hannah Lewis and Hannah's day of pleasure continues with our buxom heroine cuffed and chained in Miss T's dungeon and then covered in sticky white slime much to her pleasure and delight!

Oh and explanation inside as to why it appears out of sequence!
Elle Tyler has wrangled a spot on The Late Night GameShow hosted by a cheerily sadistic Sammie B who takes advantage of Elle's desperation to do anything to get on the telly. Elle toys with the option of spanking before Sammie has her way and gets to use all the ingredients at her disposal which include spaghetti, mushy peas, salad cream, raw eggs, cold tinned tomatoes, brown sauce and tomato ketchup!
The WAM pushers are doing brisk business down Trash Can Alley and they can spot a potential customer a mile off so its not long before a nervous Hollie Miller falls into the clutches of one of these nefarious peddlers of the sweet stuff. Hollie is soon seduced by the guilty pleasure of custard on her body and then moves up to the harder stuff - sherry trifle followed by yoghurt, cream and cherry gateau

Don't Splosh Me Now!
Messy Wrestling
The 18:12 To Piesville
15:45 mins
14:00 mins
08:47 mins
Hannah Lewis and Miss T
Sammie B V Elle Tyler
Tigerr Benson
The third and final part of 'The Secret Diary of Hannah Lewis' sees our heroine in a spot of sploshing bother. Having written in and asked to be tied and slimed at the mercy of Miss T, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Hannah is not too happy that Miss T wants some fun as well and this involves spanking and then sploshing Hannah with "the things I hate most in the world!"
Its seconds out as 'Battlin' Sammie B faces Elle 'The Terror' Tyler in a no holds barred topless messy wrestling scrap with custard, freezing cold yoghurt and flan pies as the weapons of choice! Our two fiesty combatants pull off some great signature moves including a slam dunk face into the pie from Elle and a pie slap to the bum from Sammie! But will it be the hardened veteran Sammie or new girl Elle who comes out on top?
Tigerr Benson, looking an absolute knockout in a seethrough red top and matching panties, dares us to see how hard we can hit her with some white and red pies and boy do we get in some fearsome hits along with some up and over 'smooshes'. Tigerr is well Tigerr and her only reaction is to giggle as the pies fly into her face so as a 'reward' we ended up covering her in custard and chocolate!

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