About Us

Bound2bMessy was launched in October 2004 by The Kowalski Brothers and is a WAM Pay Per View Video site.  To mark the site redesign and because it is fun here are some random facts about the messy universe we inhabit.

– 16th October 2004 is when we launched our first WAM (Wet & Messy) video site Bound2bMessy with PPV videos.

– The first video we shot for B2BM was Karen Wood in A Sloppy Affair

– Miss T starred in her first WAM video as a stand in for one of the girls who couldn’t make it. A legend was born

– Fi Stevens starred in Glycerine Angel our first slime video using glycerine/white slime and gave birth to a whole new site which was…

House of Slime launched on 15th September 2005

Lotion Play

– Yes it is true that we issue comparatively few films…

…except on Messy Angel which is a membership site and not a PPV site and launched on 12th November 2006

– Miss T’s first WAM video was Chained with…

Sammie B who is the only girl to have appeared on all of our sites Bound2bMessy, House of Slime and Messy Angel

..except that is for Angel herself

– That said Honey B does even better by racking up these three sites plus SploshAGirl and MessMistress

– We have 5 distinct slime formulas

– Bob is older than Vic and talks more.

– The idea for Bound2bMessy was Vic’s. The name Bound2bMessy came from Miss T. What does Bob do?

– Sammie B and Fi Stevens used to live in the same road but never knew each other.

– WAM is also know as Splosh or Sploshing

– Want more films? Check out our Back Catalogues. B2BM Video VaultGirls In Goo and  Angel Downloads

– Most girls like sweet stuffs rather than savoury, I mean come on chocolate its a no brainer

– Trash Can Alley is our most popular series

Trash Can Alley

– Fi Stevens has played a hooker in 3 different films. Which just proves that all nice girls like to play the bad girl whenever possible

– Bob especially likes filling things: Knickers, Pantyhose, Swimsuits

– Vic especially likes pieing girls

– Miss T especially likes tormenting girls

– We should do a film incorporating all three aspects. It would be called The Torment Of The Pied Pantyhose

– We like doing spoof Film, Book or Play titles for the films

– We have shot 4 American girls (the 5th was turned back at Heathrow), 1 German, 1 Romanian (albeit for someone else) and 1 Australian

– The Australian girl has not been shown on B2BM yet but if you haven’t worked out that its Aussie babe Jess (or Chloe) then please go to the bottom of the class and talking of bottoms  whose bottom is this?

Name The Bottom

We really don’t expect an answer here we just really like Danielle’s bum (doh!)

And yes some girls have more than one name