WPC West & Jones Pt Two


For a bedraggled WPC Jess West revenge is a dish best served cold…or hot in the case of the beans and spaghetti but revenge is definitely what Jess is after… 

And talking of beans they are first into WPC Jones hat which is squashed onto Kiera’s head despite her protests given she had been promised a splosh free afternoon.   Then Jess plants a pie in Kiera’s face before ripping her blouse and tipping a cold trifle down Kiera’s knickers which really ‘hits’ the right spot!   Jess systemically sploshes and rips off Kiera’s uniform leaving her face down in the mess before tipping another cold trifle onto her naked bum and topping her off with cornflakes and flour leaving us with two trashed and sploshed WPC’s to enjoy.

Featuring: Kiera Jones & Jess West

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