Watch Out


Dani’s latest modeling assignment is for a company that tests products…

What she doesn’t know is that the ‘products’ are WAM props – custard pies, cream pies, green slime, pink slime and cakes.  And that Miss T is waiting to test them out on an unspecting Dani.

Miss T starts with a pie to the face and then pushes a bewildered Dani face first into a pie on the desk.  Next is green slime followed by pink with Dani being dunked in each before getting green slime poured over her.  More pies follow along with cake sitting and a bucket of foam dumped on Dani’s head.

Finally Dani looks at her watch and sees her time is up but not before asking if she can take a strawberry cake as a reward.  Miss T relents and allows Dani to take the cake but it seems luck is not on Dani’s side and she gets to taste the cake sooner than she intended!

Featuring: Dani

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