WPC West & Jones Pt. One


Its trash, tease and tear for WPC’s Jess West and Kiera Jones who are dressed in genuine police uniforms for this scene

Under Miss T’s careful supervision the girls decide who is the one to get trashed and despite a good start its WPC West who loses out on best of three of rock, paper, scissors.  Kiera starts with some pies to her colleague’s face and then fills Jess’s helmet with spaghetti before plonking it back on her head.  Kiera then adds custard just to complete the look.

This is followed by freezing cold yoghurt drink down Jess’s panties and then Kiera gets to work on steadily ripping Jess’s uniform in-between sploshing the poor girl with blue cake mix, pink slime, beans, more yoghurt, strawberry and treacle sauce and -er- cornflakes

Kiera had a great time trashing Jess who is left tattered and splattered at the end!

Featuring: Kiera Jones  & Jess West

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