Fi Dreams of Slime


Fi Stevens daydreams of being bound and covered in slime…

And you know we love to make a pretty girl’s dream come true so with her panties stuffed in her mouth Fi finds herself at the mercy of Miss T who taunts and covers our ‘struggling victim’ in yellow and green gunge.  Fi protests as her denim skirt is hitched up and slime is poured over her round, naked bum.  With her hands tied Fi is unable to prevent her breasts being exposed and is powerless to resist as Miss T scoops up slime and ‘slaps it’ onto Fi’s nude body.

Exhausted Fi stops protesting.  Her bonds are released and our sexy redhead admits to enjoying the gooey gunge.  This after all is Fi’s secret fantasy. Her guilty desire to be tied and gunged.

Featuring: Fi Stevens

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