Really Nasty Gameshow Ep.5


Charley Atwell debuts on B2BM alongside Fi Stevens in the latest Episode of the Really Nasty Gameshow…

So how will Charley fare in this clash of general knowledge and underhand tactics? Will she prove to be ‘nasty’ enough when it comes to sploshing Fi? Will she get in first with the substances they both want to avoid or can Fi seize the initiative and show the new girl how its done?

Yes its going to be a battle royal between our two busty babes as they fight for supremacy with allegations of cheating, a food fight, your host Miss T losing control and one unlucky contestant finding out that she really doesn’t like salad cream.

So tune in now and watch two gorgeous girls go head to head in an attempt to avoid getting messed whilst remaining modestly dressed!

Featuring: Fi Stevens & Charley Atwell

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