Perfect Students Part Two


Perfect schoolgirls Charley Atwell and Danielle Maye continue in their quest to be a little less ‘uptight’…

Their uniforms torn and splattered the two girls decide to completely rip them off each other and then get down to some serious sploshing with Charley smacking a cheesecake or two into Danielle’s face and both girls on the receiving end of gunge, custard, beans and spaghetti. A final covering of oat flakes completes the trashed look.  Miss T checks out both girls and decides whether Charley or Danielle will win the one remaining clean shirt to wear.

So who will emerge with the accolade of ‘least perfect schoolgirl’ and who shows herself to be a bad loser.  Find out in the final part of Perfect Students.

Featuring: Charley Atwell & Danielle Maye

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