I’m A Smurf!


Well just not a smurf but a stinky blue (and yellow, pink and green) smurf as poor Danielle is subjected to a cold, miserable and stinky sploshing at the hands of Miss T and her latest colourful and unpleasant concoctions!

It has to be said though that Danielle had been developing a bit of an attitude and some corrective therapy was high on Miss T’s ‘to do’ list.  But we do like to give a girl a chance so we opened with a simple task and asked a naked Danielle to put her face in a plate of pink pudding.  Unfortunately Danielle first decided to question whether she really had to and then made a half hearted attempt at doing so meaning that what followed next was pretty much her own fault.  Mind you making Danielle taste the stuff was going a bit far but we have learnt not to question Miss T when she is in full on sploshing/punishment mode!

Featuring: Danielle Maye & Miss T

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