Challenge Fi


Welcome to the Fi Stevens Challenge where we get Fi messy without actually pouring any gloop on her – well not until the end anyway!

Fi was intrigued and a little puzzled by the concept until we explained it. Take one clean and saucily dressed Fi (love the stockings Fi) ask her to remove her satin panties and then immerse panties in either cold green gunge or lumpy cold porridge. Once done we then asked her to put the panties back on. Fi’s reaction was priceless and we would be lying if we said she was overjoyed at the prospect but she stuck to her task of removing and them messing up each item of clothing until we ended up back where we started with a saucily dressed but now messy Fi Stevens!

As it turned out though that was not the end because Fi felt she wasn’t quite messy enough and as she herself admits ‘I like to be dirty’ so we poured gunge, rice pudding and beans over her head.¬† Well we like you dirty too Fi!

Featuring: Fi Stevens & Miss T


22:00 mins – 681mb (1440×1080)

US $9.99